23 Best Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas to Spice up your Kitchen

The kitchen one of the rooms you will use most in your home. It is often the epicenter of it, in fact. However, it is normally a room that remains as a basic functionality space rather than it becoming a beautifully decorated, accessorized room. Even if your new kitchen has been fitted, and it looks stunning, it may still not have the most homely feel. Kitchens are often one of the areas that feel more clinical instead of cozy.

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas
Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

That is why, here at Kudos House, we have got some ideas of wall decor to spice up the kitchen. We are going to go through 23 awesome ways to spice up your kitchen wall decor.

Pallet Wine Rack

Pallets are the staple of DIY. They are easily available and are made with fairly high-quality wood. I have done many DIY projects myself with pallets, and this is one of them. Although I did not take photos of mine when I did it (Doh!).

You may think it would be difficult to make a pallet wine rack, but it really is not that hard. If you have the pallet wood already, and the room to mount it to the wall, you can complete this project with a minimal amount of tools and skill!

Pallet Wine Rack for kitchen

Pallet Cup Holder

If you are anything like me, then cupboard space is premium real estate in the kitchen. We have got so many cups that if we put all of them into the cupboards, we would have no room for anything else. That is why I think this idea is so good. We often have quite a lot of available wall space, so why not use it?

Pallet Cup Holder for kitchen decor

These pallet cup holders are a cheap way to increase your cup storage without taking up any of that prime space.  One of the best things about these is that you can customize them in any way that you like:

Add shelves for your tea and coffee jars

Pallet Cup Holder for kitchen decor with shelves

Paint them any color you like

Painted Pallet Cup Holder for kitchen decor

Add anything from 1 – >999 hooks for cups (OK, 999 is probably a little too many, but you get the idea).

Painted Pallet Cup Holder Ideas with hooks

Pallet Pot Hangers

While I am on the subject of DIY, pallet wood, and cupboard space, I will mention these. Mounting pallet wood to your wall with hooks will allow you to hang pots up instead of keeping them in your cupboards or on top of the worktops.

I would suggest that you cut, stain and mount them on the wall before you add hooks for the pans though. Pre-mounting will allow you to use strategic placement of hooks and pots to get the most out of the space without the unnecessary work of adding hooks that will be useless after you have mounted the pots.

Pallet Pot Hangers Ideas for kitchen

Pallet Spice Rack

I told you that this would spice up your kitchen. It wasn’t just a metaphor. While you are on your DIY mission to make the three items above, why not just go another step and make a pallet wood spice rack? Again, as you are using pallet wood and making it yourself, there is no end to the possibilities of how big you make them.

Remember that we are talking about wall decor here, so this is a wall mounted spice rack. However, it does not need to be wall mounted.

One piece of advice that I would urge you to take, though, is to make the space for the spices oversized. I made one of these once, and I measured the area to fit the size bottles that I had. A few months later, the manufacturers changed the size of the jars, and now I have to have them on the worktop or make a new one.

Pallet Spice Rack for kitchen decor ideas

Pallet Wood Chalkboard Menu

How often do you get asked: “What are we having for dinner?” If your house is like mine, then you will get asked countless times a day. My kids must think that they will get a different answer if they keep asking me.

Pallet Wood Chalkboard Menu Home Decor Ideas

This is a problem that I have somewhat solved with a pallet wood chalkboard menu. I write on there each week with the plans for the weeks’ dinner. Therefore, the children can see what we are having each day, and probably tell me that they do not want pasta on that day!

One of the great things with this idea is that you have an option with how you make it.

Paint the wall and frame it with wood

Wood Painted Chalkboard Menu For Home

Make a board that you can remove and change location

Wood Chalkboard Menu Design Ideas

Kitchen Wall Sticker Decor

Ok, so let’s move away from the pallet wood for a little while. (I might take another look at it later, maybe). Wall stickers are one of the easiest ways to add a little variety and decoration onto a wall.

I won’t go into every type of design that you can get, as there are so many that you would be reading all day. However, what I will do is look through some of my favorite types of designs.

Kitchen Wall Sticker Decor

Quote Stickers

There are many shops that you can buy these stickers from, and many of them will make them with custom quotes that you choose yourself. That is one way that you can make your kitchen stickers very personal. Here are a couple of quotes that I like myself:

Spoonfuls of love added to every recipe

Spoonfuls of love kitchen sticker

This kitchen is seasoned with love

kitchen is seasoned with love sticker idea

This kitchen is made for dancing

This kitchen is made for dancing sticker

The kitchen is the heart of the home

The kitchen is the heart of the home

As I said, I will not go into all of the quotes that you can use, as you can make up your own to suit your family. However, I do feel like they are a great way to add a little bit of a personal touch to your kitchen.

Image Stickers

If quotes are not really your thing, or you already have quote stickers, then why not think of some other things that you can use a vinyl service for:

Shelf shadows – Shadows of shelves are a great way to make your kitchen look great. You can even add real hooks to the stickers so that you can hang cups or utensils off them, so it looks unique.

Shelf shadows sticker for kitchen

Images of coffee cups – Are you an avid coffee lover? Why not show it off with some large coffee cup stickers?

Images of coffee cups sticker idea for kitchen

Jolly Chef Sticker – Quite self-explanatory; however, it certainly adds a lot of character to a kitchen.

Jolly Chef Sticker ideas for kitchen decoration

Negative Space Art

Negative space art is pretty cool if you ask me. It is usually reserved for other areas of the home, but I have managed to find one, yes, only one image of negative space wall art that would fit into the kitchen. This is it:

Negative Space Art

I would love to know if you have any other styles that you can think of. Or, even better, some images of negative space art that you have used in your home that you can send us and we can add into the article!

Antique Framed Kitchen Utensils

Do you have a love for cooking? If you do, then you are likely to have a collection of antique cooking utensils. And if you don’t have a collection, I think that they are a brilliant way to add some character into the kitchen.

If you look on sites such as eBay, I am sure that you can find sets of them that you can simply mount onto wooden frames and mount on the wall.

Antique Framed Kitchen Utensils Idea

This is not just a good idea for antique utensils. You could do this for the appliances that you use every day. It is a little bit like a shadow board that you would use in a garage. However, it is for the busiest work area of the house.


Your kitchen doesn’t have to be a clinical, personality-free area with no decor or character. There are so many ways  you can add a cozy, homely feel to it, whether it is chalkboard, mason jars, or wall decor. If you have wall space, I believe almost all of these ideas will go so well together. Just ensure you have planned the area so that you don’t clutter it.

Best Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

I hope that it has given you some good ideas on how to use your kitchen wall space. Let us know if there are any other ideas we should include.