Best Master Bathroom Mirror Ideas ( With Pictures )

Are you are thinking about which of your master bathroom mirror ideas would be best for your house? There are many considerations you must take into account. The shape, the size, and of course, the style you like. In this article, we are going to look at some of the best ideas at the moment. Be sure to read all the way to the end, and let us know what your favorite ideas are, and if you have any that we have missed!

Bathrooms are always one of the more neglected areas of the home. This is often because they are one of the more difficult areas to design and do. Here at Kudoshouse, we aim to make this process of planning your favorite new room as easy as possible.

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Every part of your room should be designed with functionality and style in mind. This is especially important in small, compact bathrooms. Below, we will start to look through some of the ideas that you can implement into your bathroom to make your tired and old bathroom into the sanctuary that you deserve.

That said, let’s start having a look through some of the ideas we have had here at Kudoshouse, starting with mirrors:

Bathroom Mirror Ideas

First of all, we will look at some of the best bathroom mirror ideas. This is because mirrors are usually one of the most understated objects in a bathroom. However, they can really either finish the room off nicely, or it can also be an amazing starting point to base the rest of your design on. Not only can they be beautiful additions to your bathroom, but they can also make your space seem bigger There are so many options that you could use for your mirrors.

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Do you have a double basin? If so, you could use double mirrors or even a mirror wall. Double mirrors will really look amazing if you do it right. you can make them match, or you can have separate “his and hers” mirrors. Let’s have a little look at some of the options you have to choose from.

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Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Double mirrors

As I have written above, double mirrors can look amazing if they are done right. Take your time to decide what style you like first. Then ensure that you hang them symmetrically above each of your basins. If this is not done right, it could make them look quite bad. I would suggest that you find your mirrors and hang them before you start decorating the rest of the room. This will allow for any errors in hanging equipment to be moved, and holes to be repaired before you continue.

Mirror Walls

Mirror walls are an easy and beautiful way to make your decision on shape and style that much easier. If you have a shape that you have in mind, you can most certainly buy mirror tiles in that shape. If you can’t find a star-shaped mirror, you could make one out of tiles! Can’t decide what shape you would like? Why not do the whole wall? This will make your small room look twice the size. It will also make darker rooms brighter as well as more spacious!

Colorful Mirrors

Colorful mirrors are an easy way to add some life into your otherwise neutral room. As the name suggests, they come in a massive variety of colors. Play with these shades to see what you think would suit the rest of your room. They can be a great way to accentuate a mood that you are looking for. Do you usually use this bathroom when you are getting ready for going out? Use bright colors to awaken you and raise your vibes. Would you rather have a serene and relaxing bathroom? Go for pastel shades of blue and grey.

Blue and Grey Bathroom Mirror Idea

Colorful Mirrors bathroom

Elaborate Mirrors

Elaborate mirrors are a way to over-glamorize your bathroom. (They are possibly not the best idea for a small bathroom!) You can use this idea whether your bathroom is basically a minimalist bathroom, or completely glamorous.

Elaborate Mirrors bathroom

Elaborate mirrors are exactly what they seem. They come in many shapes and sizes as well as colors. You could use a gold leaf mirror, silver frames, or add some sparkle! When you are looking for an elaborate mirror, the bigger the better! Here are a couple of styles of  elaborate mirrors:

Silver Angel Wing Mirrors – For Spiritual Families is the coolest idea!

Angel wing mirrors are a great way to add some spirituality into a bathroom. With the mixture of bold, overstating wings and delicate feathers. You could use them as a memorial by having a heart-shaped mirror!

Silver Angel Wing Mirrors For Bathroom

Crystal Framed Mirrors – A sophisticated idea for your bathroom!

Want a little a lot more pizzaz? Crystal-framed mirrors might be the way to go. They are stunningly beautiful, and ideal to release your inner princess or queen! you can either opt for faux crystals like diamante. Push the boat out and have Swarovski. Or go all out and have Diamonds, emeralds or other stone encrusted. There really are endless possibilities.

Crystal Framed Mirrors for bathroom

Minimalist Mirrors

Sometimes a bathroom will call for a minimalist mirror. Have you been reading this thinking: “These are all too fancy for me!” Then a minimalist mirror may be more your style. They fit well into contemporary and modern bathrooms. There is a reason why you will see these in hotels all over the world.

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You can decorate your room in almost any way you like, and these will just blend in. They add functionality and minimalist style with ease. Minimalist mirrors will come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but only ever in one style. Minimalist. You can incorporate all of your fixtures and fittings around a minimalist mirror. Add lighting above it for some downlighting, or at the sides of it for some symmetry.

Minimalist Mirrors for bathroom

Un-Framed Minimalist Mirror

Un-framed minimalist mirrors are perfect for every space. They will go with any decor that you already have. They are just like the tiled wall mirrors. However, they can be moved even after they have been fitted. Whether you are low on space or have ample room but do not want a fancy mirror, these are just the thing for you. Just like the tiles, you can accentuate them with lighting, or picture frames. You could even have shelves with ornaments on.

Framed Minimalist Mirrors

You can either have a non-framed mirror or if you would like to add just a little style while keeping the minimalistic look, you could have one with a frame. The frames can come in a variety of colors. They can be utilized to accent a room with a little color. These colored frames will look beautiful in a clean, fresh, white bathroom too. Compared to the ornate style of mirror, these are a cheap way to add a little bit of vibrancy into a clean and fresh looking room. That makes them perfect for the ever-changing type of person.

Framed Minimalist Mirrors

Framed Minimalist Mirrors for bathroom

Light up Mirrors – Modern & Fresh Master Bathroom Ideas

Light up mirror is a great way to brighten up a darker bathroom. This is ideal for the bathrooms where the windows do not catch enough light. You can also use them in rooms that you would prefer a darker color on your walls. Some come with dimmers built in so that you can use it as a night light. You can also buy them with motion sensors that only turn on when you are stood by them. They will ensure that you have the perfect lighting every time you use it. No more twisting and turning to get the right light for your make-up or shave!

Light up Mirrors for bathroom

They will fit into all modern styles of bathrooms. light up mirrors are becoming more and more popular, so you can now buy them in a massive range of styles to suit everyone. When you first think about light up mirrors, you may be thinking about a horrible fluorescent light above the mirror, of the most loved bathroom mirror ideas this year. This is no longer the case. They come with LED lights built into the glass itself, or behind it. Some of them, you can’t even tell they light up until you turn them on!

Light up Mirrors Ideas for bathroom

Wooden Framed Mirrors

Wooden framed mirrors will bring a feeling of the old times or even the sea to your bathroom. Just like any other wooden furniture, these are available in many types of wood. this can range from your cheaper, lighter colored pine, right through to the most expensive types of hardwood like ebony. However, be sure to check that you are buying an old one, as dark hardwoods are endangered, and we do not want them to become extinct.

Wooden mirror frames will always add style to a room. Be sure to make sure that the wood that is used for the frame is going to be suitable for a bathroom before you buy it. I would not suggest an untreated pine to be used, as the moisture in the air of a bathroom can easily warp this wood, especially if you like your showers and baths hot.

Big Wooden Framed Mirrors

Pine Framed Mirrors

As I have said above, the first thing with a pine framed mirror for the bathroom is to make sure that the wood is treated. There are various types of treatment that can be used for pine to be ok in a bathroom. You could have the natural color of pine that has just a clear lacquer on or go for any other type of stain in a variety of colors.

This is good because you can make pine look almost like any other type of wood. The other option for pine is to paint it. Personally, I am not a fan of completely painted wood, it detracts from the essence of the wood. This takes me nicely onto the next option of pine framed mirrors.

Pine Framed Mirrors for bathroom

Shabby Chic Framed Mirrors – Glamour all the way

Shabby chic has become a big trend in the last years. If you are a fan of the shabby chic style then you are sure to love a bathroom styled on the trend. This style is one that you can do yourself too! There are plenty of tutorials on the internet about how to do this. The other beauty of this is that pine framed mirrors are very easy to get hold of. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and styles too!

Shabby Chic Framed Mirrors

Hardwood Frames – Best Retro Decor for a Bathroom

Hardwood frames are beautiful. My personal opinion though here is that bigger is definitely better when it comes to hardwood mirrors. It is very easy to overcrowd a mirror with a hardwood frame is our favorite bathroom mirror ideas. You can buy these mirrors with either a full wooden frame or with just an accent of hardwood. As I said earlier though, be sure not to be endangering the species of wood that you are buying.

Hardwood Frames mirrors for bathroom

Corner Mirrors Are Classics

Corner mirrors make you feel like you are in Hollywood! They are a good way to use your space wisely too. Do you have a corner of your bathroom that seems useless? Put 2 mirrors side by side in the corner and will be the best choice for bathroom mirrors ideas.

Not only will this give you more angles to see yourself in all of your beauty, but it will also make your bathroom seem extra large with the two reflecting surfaces. You could use 2 of the minimalist mirrors just at head height, or go full length. If you have a space that you can not find mirrors to fit in, then you could use mirror tiles to create the perfect look.

Corner Mirrors for bathroom

Modern Corner Mirrors for bathroom

Large Mirrors Ideas for Bathroom

If you have an empty wall in a small-ish bathroom, then a large mirror may be the perfect thing for you and can be one of the greatest bathroom mirror ideas you can find. This will give you all of the benefits of a mirror wall, without the hassle of tiling yourself or paying for it to be done.

Large mirrors can come under any of the categories that I have already mentioned. However, they deserve their own section for a few reasons. They will fit into any style that you may have already or any that you would like to transform your bathroom into. That is not the best bit about large mirrors though.

Large Mirrors for Bathroom

Depending on how large your free wall in your bathroom is, if you can fill it with a mirror it will serve at least the following purposes. 1, it allows multiple people to use it at the same time. 2, it will make the room feel double the size. And 3, it will brighten up the room so much that it will feel like it is a completely different room.

Wooden Large Mirrors for Bathroom


I hope that this post has given you some master bathroom mirror ideas that you can start to use to get the most out of your bathroom. There are many types of mirror that you can buy that will suit any shape, size or style that you are looking for. You could even be really adventurous and try multiples of these ideas in one room. Or you could even go all out, and hang one or more mirrors onto a tiled mirror wall.

People may think that mirrors are just an accessory in a bathroom. Something to look at while doing your make-up or shaving. However, I believe this couldn’t be further from the truth. I think that a mirror, chosen correctly, could make a room be something completely different, all on its own.

Whether you are just planning a total transformation of your bathroom or looking to finish it off, make sure that you choose your mirror correctly.  If you choose your bathroom mirror well, you will not be disappointed with the results it can bring.

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Remember to leave some comments below to let us know what you think, and if you have any other shiny ideas for your mirrors!